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No experience needed
FALL 2011 Session Begins August 19 - December 9    -    RSVP Open! Class sizes Limited
(No Class 9/2, 10/7, 11/25)

cheer5.jpgWhat's included in my registrationcheer4.jpg
for POMS Session?
  • 12 group classes*
  • 1 extra 13th class as a make-up class
  • Cheer Performance Costume
    (not a hidden/extra charge at performance time)
  • Pizza Party at the end of the session 
  • Performance & Parade Opportunities
  • Tickets to Performance:  this only pays for price of stage rental
  • $10/adults, $7/kids 7-17yo, $5/grandparent, Free Under 6yo
STYLE of DANCE:  Girls learn three different styles of dance: POMS - CHEER DANCE with POM POMS, HIP HOP & LYRICAL.
This amazing class will help girls understand POMS & be ready to tryout for Dance Team.  Learnign all 3 styles will help these dancers sharpen their all around dancing skills.



OUR GUARANTEE: We are kid friendly & grandparent approved.  Our music & dance moves are age appropriate.  Our performance costumes always cover bellybuttons & stage make-up is optional
PERFORMANCES:  The Kids & Teens perform twice a year in December & May for the Two Left Feet Dance Performances. They also march & perform at Kentlands Day in May.  We do not compete; Our focus is FUN!

Everyone is welcome to see the
Kids & Teen
SPRING Performance 2011
Date: Friday, MAY 6

PERFORMANCE: "International Dance"
DATE: Friday,  May 6
WHERE:  Northwest High School Auditorium in Germantown
TIME: 7:00pm - 8:10pm
  • $10/adult
  • $7/student
  • $5/grandparent
  • Free for 6 years & younger

Link to Montgomery County School Calendar http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/info/calendars/future/

Ways to Pay: Be sure you have a confirmed RSVP space for class before you pay.

To Pay by Personal Check or Cash:  RSVP & you can pay at the studio on your first class.

To Pay by CreditSee below. Click ADD To CART button to complete your purchase.  You will receive an email receipt through our PayPal Service.

Session: 12 Dance Classes - 50 minute classes

  • Personal Check, Cash & Credit Card:  $395
  • 2 Children with sibling discount:  $750

POMS Dance Registration

FALL 2009 Performance Pictures
"Kids of Pop"

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Spring 2009 Performance Pictures

What we do:  The kids are dancing a signature routine created just for them to enjoy dancing to some of their favorite songs. The music chosen is to be age appropriate and exciting for the kids as they get to know the routine and the words to the songs. We want to make sure parents will enjoy the performance too! They learn different rhythms and steps and practice 2 routines for their performance & a little number for the finale.
Benefits: Benefits of learning dance includes: how to move as an individual, with partners and as a team.  Individually, dancers gain a sense of grace, coordination and social confidence. As a group, they are enriching their group socialization skills.  The focus of the classes are for the kids to have fun and allow them to advance on their physical coordination. Routines are developed to enhance the dance experience by and allow the kids to experience their own movements vs. being very strict on technique.  The performance is for fun and set in a relaxed atmosphere. This allows for a positive experience to show off the routines to family and friends.
If you are interested and the class session has already started, please call for enrollment. Experience shows the kids are quite quick to learn routines and we teach the kids manners in helping the new kids to get started. 2-3 routines are taught and repeated during the course of the program in preparation for a non-competitive performance.

More about our classes...
All classes are first come, first serve. 
Cheer Dance
STYLE of DANCE: Cheerleading style of Dance Routines & learning call out cheers.
This class is perfect for the girl who wants to tryout for Cheerleading at school or wants to learn new routines & practice Cheer style Dance.  The movements are sharp & clean in Cheer Dance. 
STYLE of DANCE: The kids call it POP Dance, so we do too! POP dancing is a fusion of Jazz and Hip Hop. "Pop" as we know, comes from the word popular and is the type of music we will dance to. 
Hip Hop:
STYLE of DANCE: (see Pop Dance) Our Hip Hop Routines are similar to our POP Routines but meant for older kids due to the complexity of the movement.  We are sure to make sure the music & the moves are NOT "suggestive"; we are a family friendly dance studio.  For the Boys Hip Hop the moves will be created for their appropriate age & ability. 
Boys Hip Hop
STYLE of DANCE: (See Hip Hop)
Hip Hop Class just for BOYS.  30 minutes is the perfect time to keep them focused, having fun & looking forward to learning more!
STYLE of DANCE:  Girls learn three different styles of dance: POMS - dance with POMPOMS, HIP HOP & LYRICAL.
This class will help girls try out for POMS or a Dance Team & help them sharpen their all around dancing skills.
Tween Ballroom
STYLE of DANCE: 4th grade & up is a wonderful time to learn the social skills of dancing with a partner.  Whether you child is attending a cotillion a quinceanera or looking to improve social skills & become a better dancer for all of life's adventures this is a great class for guys & girls.  We try to keep enrollment based on even ratio between boys & girls, but we want everyone to dance so come try this class out! More info...
Pop Fusion:
STYLE of DANCE: Fitness
Moms & Daughters LOVE this class.  Together you'll get a great workout while learning Salsa, Cha Cha, Bollywood, African Jazz, Traditional Jazz & much more.  Try a class out; Drop-ins welcome.
Laugh with Us, Dance with Us!    

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